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Budget Effect: Secondary adjustments to become a reality under Indian transfer pricing regime
The move, which aligns the country's transfer pricing.
India has been consistently moving towards a non-adversarial tax regime. Efforts taken in this regard include measures to curb litigation on controversial matters such as transfer pricing treatment of issuing securities at premium and applicability of a minimum alternate tax levy to foreign companies. India has taken the next big step in its transfer pricing framework with the budget ushering in the concept of ‘secondary adjustments’. The move, which aligns...
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24th July 2017
Benefits of a GPS Combo Fish Finder Gadget
Fish finders come in all shapes and sizes, and the different models produce different information for your screen. While some standalone fish finders will suffice, others don’t hold up. That's why using a combo fish finder with a GPS unit will be better for you.
You can get more information from a combo fish finder than you would from a standalone fish finder.  If you've thought about getting a best fish finder GPS combo, but weren’t sure where to start, this article will help you understand the benefits of a GPS combo fish finder. Good for Mid-Sized Boats Most fish finder’s you find on boats are a GPS combo unit. This is because they are more efficient...
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6th June 2017
The Impact of Branding On Kids and Teens
If we were to define branding in the simplest of terms, it refers to establishing a perception about a brand, any image or idea in the consumer's mind. It can be related to a product, service or social awareness which later prompts the consumer to take any action. When done right, it turns customers into consumers, tying them to a specific brand, service or idea for life.
Suppose you go grocery shopping with your little one, you move from aisle to aisle, picking up stuff that you need. Your kid starts to get bored and before he throws a tantrum to go home, you decide to buy him something of his choice. So you go through the toys section and all you can find is cheaply made toys relying on character branding such as a.....
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5th June 2017
How to Find an Affordable Diamond Engagement Ring?
Getting engaged is one of those moments you and your bride-to-be will never forget! You know the stories! Down on your knee, you reveal the glorious ring as inspiring as your love for her. Naturally, as you want everything to be as perfect as your love for her, getting that ideal diamond engagement ring can be a challenging task.
Before you pop the big question, you will spend days, weeks even, looking for inspiration online before finding the perfect diamond ring. As the experts at Leo Hamel Fine Jewelry & Engagement Ring Store put it, ‘choosing an engagement ring is probably the longest a typical man thinks about jewelry’. One thing that could help you narrow down your search is knowing exactly what you are looking for. There are many...
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3rd June 2017
The Largest European Blockchain Conference Was Held in Munich
BlockShow Europe 2017 was held in Alte Kongresshalle, Munich. With 560 attendees, 26 exhibitors, and 26 speakers, the conference became the largest international Blockchain-related event ever organized in Europe. Here is a glimpse of what happened!
Led by Elizabeth Lumley, the managing director at Rainmaking and one of the most famous women in Fintech, the event covered a number of hot topics ranging from practical application of Blockchain technology to aspects of running an ICO. Blockchain is believed to bring trust and privacy to a lot of different industries. It’s changing the whole paradigm of how things are done in the production field as well as the...
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17th May 2017
Inspiring Ideas For Decorating Your Home Windows
Windows have a vital role to play in the household. Aside from allowing natural light to filter through the entire house, windows are also the first thing that people notice when they enter your house. Windows provide the elegance in the household with the floor to ceiling windows being the most elegant window form. Windows need to be taken care of as they remain the focal point of every household.
Herewith are a few inspirational ideals for home window decorations: Adopt a seasonal window trend all year through It doesn’t need to be Christmas to feel the festive season vibe in the home. Adding a simple leaf decoration on top of the window pane may create a rustic feel in the household. This trend is best when the room is a rather neutral tone, shades of brown or if the room has...
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9th May 2017
Strengthening Your Finances During Old Age
Growing old? Scared of dealing with your financial situation? Well, fret not, because you can manage your finances quite effectively as long as you have a proper plan. We'll give you some advice, and if you act on our suggestions, you should be able to do quite well.
Get professional help Before making any major moves, you should get good advice from the pros. They’ll ask you about your interests and goals, determine your financial positions, assess your risks, and accordingly come up with a suitable plan for you. Invest in precious metals There is too much security in gold and other precious metals, and so they should definitely be a part of your investment portfolio.  You can invest in...
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3rd May 2017
Momentum Builds For The 23rd Annual Women In Technology Summit
Attendance on the rise for annual event June 11-13 at the DoubleTree Hotel in San Jose, CA
SAN JOSE, California – WITI (Women in Technology International) (WITI) today announced a 30 percent spike in registrations for its 23rd annual Women in Technology Summit, to be held June 11-13 at the Doubletree Hotel in San Jose, California. The conference is on track to exceed 1,300 attendees converging in Silicon Valley to build strategic connections and learn from senior female leaders about impactful ways to advance women’s careers in...
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2nd May 2017
Humanising Corporate Learning
Words like engagement, exchange, digital, inspiration, technology, future, connection, and effect were words that were spewing out of the 2nd Annual Corporate University & Corporate Learning Summit (#2CUandCL17) on March 30th - 31st in Barcelona Spain.
Positive affirmations were not the only words or phrases that were coming out of the summit though. Phrases like job loss and need to change were also prevalent. The #2CUandCL17 Summit not only provided a forum for idea sharing and networking but also brought up a crucial topic for those in the learning and development sector; adaptation to learning and development techniques needs to occur in order to stay relevant...
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1st May 2017
Let Your Marriage Last Forever: 7 Tips To Build A Strong Relationship
Besides, being one of the complex relationships ever, romantic relations are the fundamental component of our lives. A good love relationship strengthens many aspects of our life: our health, emotional condition, and work. However, if you're not having the right partner then it can be a tremendous drain. Read on.
During the initial stage of every marriage or a romantic relation, everything seems to be very pleasant and a lovey-dovey type. But, with the passage of time that passionate feeling sometimes might get lost somewhere. And also sometimes, it becomes worse as we understand each other less or invest very little time in such a relationship. So, whatever might be the reason, you should know very well about how you can...
Freya Lowe
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25th April 2017