Poetic Spree
A collection of poems that inspire & share a powerful message for betterment of humanity.
I make a wish
Every time I look at the stars and enjoy its sparkle
I wish you would be near me and hold me close and tickle.
Every time I see a lovely couple standing by
I wish you would be next to me holding my hands tight.
Every time I hear the church bells ring
I wish u were kneeling next to me and praying with me for a while..
Sonal Lobo
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10th July 2017
Ran I Ran
Ran I in haste to chase and to chase 
No respite, for fatigue should not dawn upon
Hurry Up! Brace Up! For there is no time to Waste. 
Kill the doubts, if dubious you are 
Run you must and fast enough
take a lead, for there are countless others
Be submissive and never question...
Vinod Nebhnani
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6th July 2017
An Ode to The Indian Army
The sun swelters harsh on them
The frost bites into their skin
Brooks of their blood flow; yet
The metals on their chest clink with pride.
They kill, not because they hate
They kill, because they love
Each of today’s smiles, laughter and revelry
Exists due to that selflessness of the olive green livery...
Sathwik R
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5th June 2017
Mother Earth
Once I used to be green
covered by oceans blue,
But, now my humans
what happened to you?
Why still unheard is my voice?
While I scream now among noise,
I have cared you from years to years,
Gifted you plants and beautiful trees...
Nikhil Jain
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3rd May 2017
Little Boy
Walking along a busy street
Came across a little feet
Lost in my personal introspection
Walked away without rewarding a reason
Day by day it happened again
Tried I hard to heed, but all in vain
Same place same time the boy waited
May be for me to turn up...
Vinod Nebhnani
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19th April 2017
Broken Mended
Peace and piece went to war
Pray and prey danced at the bar
Sow and sew both embraced
While check and cheque could not be paired
When the Pilot spoke plain in the plane
The harlot blew the more her blue skirt
Many thought she was not taught...
Martin Kwesi Appah
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7th April 2017
A New Beginning
Nothing costs more than those school days golden
Those joys we felt, those faces beholden,
But, having lived in that blest garden, School
We, friends entered the competition's rule;
Helping friends who completed me puzzled,
Every lost piece of me found and settled,
Are today all lost in the success's crowd...
Nikhil Jain
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2nd April 2017
Man behind the bars
I am the man
Behind the bars
Who miss moonshine
And those sparkling stars
Never thought
That I would be here some day
Who used to be jocular
Has become spiritless and harsh...
Vijay Maloo
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10th March 2017
I don't want... But can you please?
I don't want an expensive ring to encircle my finger
I want to encircle your life, with all the happiness and love 
I don't want you to hold my bags
But can you please hold my back
I don't want you to buy me any kind of make up
But can you please make up, for everything I lack
I don't want you to take me on any vacation...
Manchit Kaur Sachdeva
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4th March 2017
The Broken Heart 
The heart that was left unattended
The one that was ostracised and dreaded 
The one that was always treated with curiosity 
The one that was the last one to be served generosity 
The one that always wore a smile irrespective of how it felt 
The one that acted like Hercules and never asked for help 
The one that was barely in its place...
Manchit Kaur Sachdeva
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3rd March 2017