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4 Essential Tips for Creating Top Notch Sales Videos
Videos have quickly become the single most effective way to generate sales due to their ability to attract attention, foster interest, and engage the audience. That being said many sales videos are a lot less effective than they should be, with some even bordering on being stale and dull.
If you would like your sales videos to stand out and live up to the potential of the medium, here are 4 tips that you should take to heart: Don’t try to sell It may seem counterintuitive, but you shouldn’t try to sell a product or service in your sales video. Instead you should focus on driving across a message that encourages the viewer to make that decision. Typically this means informing...
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24th July 2017
How to Make Data Security Important to Your Employees
You love your business and worry about problems that could hurt it. You know that data breaches are one of the worst problems that companies face, but do your employees understand the problem? If not, they could put your business at risk. Explore the following guide on ways to make data security important to your employees.
Explain the Cost Your workers may not worry about a computer problem such as a data breach. Teach your employees about the potential cost of a data hack by letting them know that the average data breach costs a company $221 per compromised record. For major corporations, a hack costs more than $7 million on average. For your small business, losing even a few hundred files could bankrupt you. Your employees may...
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19th July 2017
5 Benefits of Employee Engagement
Employee engagement is an important concept in modern businesses. With most businesses becoming even more competitive, it is essential to find small gains that can help your business gain the edge. One of the ways to get ahead is to engage your employees in a way better than your business rivals.
Here, we describe the top four benefits that you gain when you use employee engagement strategies. 1. Productivity is an important benefit of engaging your employees. Remember, you should especially engage the employees that are already at the peak of their performance. This means that they are willing to go over the hump and provide you something additional.
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11th July 2017
11 Must BUY Things For The 21st Century Entrepreneur / Intrapreneur
If you are an Entrepreneur or an Intrapreneur, through with your boot strapping and now building a solution for the world or providing products/services and building a company, these are few things you might want to own for various reasons I think you must. I could bring in a list of 11 purchases that I find most useful but you are open to share more of those you think important and am sure this list will only get more useful as you help build it too.
I am sure retail therapy does wonders to all of us. But, sometimes it's not just the therapy part, but the need that needs to be addressed and then life gets on to a track that brings us more promising results and the growth we were looking for. I'm sure you are already looking around you, inside your pockets, visualising the stuff in your living room, in your bag..
Sujit Lalwani
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7th July 2017
GST versus HST : Let's change our Priorities
The sole objectives behind implementation of GST is to ensure that more and more small entrepreneurs and traders are covered by the tax structure. The intentions are clear - to increase the GDP of the country. The objectives are targeted towards growth of the economy through increased tax collections and through increased expenditure on infrastructure development. The initiatives are designed to help increase the overall GDP of the economy. However, the priorities are slightly misplaced. We have taken up the growth of GDP as our top priority. Is it really appropriate to focus on GDP?
Many experts have found negative relations between overemphasis on GDP and overall happiness of people. The overall happiness of China has continuously decreased during last 25 years while the GDP has increased tremendously during this period. The experiences of other similar countries is also telling the similar story. Do we know that over-emphasis on GPD may result in un-balanced economic growth, which need not help the common people? Do we know...
Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
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5th July 2017
7 Benefits of Integrating a Team Planner into the Workplace
The top concern of any project manager is keeping track of what their team is doing at any given time in the project schedule. The second issue lies in quickly resolving problems such as scheduling conflicts, re-assigning of resources etc. With an online team planner, project managers can resolve these issues in a matter of minutes, if not seconds.
Through easy to use drag and drop features, project managers can instantly assign or re-schedule resources according to project needs and upcoming deadlines. This is a quick and painless way of ensuring that you always have the right resources, with the right skill sets assigned to the right projects. Other common activities such as scheduling a short term substitute for a staff member who has taken an unexpected day off...
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31st May 2017
8 Must Have Attitudes for an Aspiring Studentpreneur
Today, Students taking up interests in the field of entrepreneurship has become pretty common. While a lot of ideas are inspiring and seem to succeed, not all of them have been successful, but all the success stories have a few common attitudes to learn from!
‘Entrepreneurship’ is a term that we, as students, are used to hearing over a couple of years. Came Modi’s ‘Make in India’ campaign and the term gained more prominence. Startups were the new rage. Analysts claim to have seen a 48% rise in the establishments of new startups since October 2014. This can be inferred to students being exposed more to the corporate world at an earlier age than the...
Sathwik R
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30th May 2017
6 Books Every Member of Your Sales Team Should Read
No matter how well-organized and efficient the other departments of your organization are, the real success of a business and its products or services depends on how productive and well-oiled its sales team is.
The sales team, by and large, has the most unique role to play in an organization. It is responsible for converting leads into sales and building trust and loyalty between the customer and the organization. To continue doing well and maintain consistency, it's essential that a sales team should learn to adapt to new changes and strive to learn new techniques for increased efficiency and productivity levels.  As it is, every...
Erica Silva
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9th May 2017
7 Vital Tips for Effective Sales Pitches
Every business organisation differs in its mission, vision, size, industry, and culture. In spite of these differences, the majority of new business pitches are alike in delivery, content, and presentation.
From any realistic business perspective, this approach is counterproductive to developing new leads. It doesn't leave the audience wanting more details or information. Stop and think about it. If your product line or services are unique and innovative, it doesn't take long to figure out that your new business pitches should follow suit in support of sales and marketing.  The Importance of New Business Presentations The reality is, it's not second nature for people to be...
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9th May 2017
6 Pillars Of The Process To Build An Inspiring Website For Your Small Business
Designing a website can seem like an overwhelming endeavor. It is an important aspect of your business and should not be taken lightly. Have a purpose and take it one step at a time.
A website is a necessity for a small business. We live in an internet age. A web presence instills confidence in customers. You want potential customers to be able to find you through search engines or learn more about you after seeing other marketing material. Even if you are not selling products or online services, a website acts as an extension of a business card. It provides credibility and builds trust. Design Whether...
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3rd May 2017