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Destiny Rutledge Writes 'The Experiment' Which Is One Of The Midnight Murder Series
Life has so many flavors of experiences to offer & mystery is one of the best flavors that keeps life going. This piece is aptly named & explores the side to human experiences that are hair raising & thrilling. The Experiment is a composition that shall leave you visually excited & intellectually thrilled. Read on!
Thanatos, King of Netherworld, summoned Rufus and Adán to tell them that he wanted them and another knight to work with hunters in the World of the Living. They questioned his quest; telling the Fourth Horseman that hunters don't care if they're a creature or fiend, they'll kill first and never ask questions. Death understood that they were frustrated with this, but explained that it's an experiment. He also explained...
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21st July 2017
Sumeet Mahendra compiles powerful inspiring quotes into the book - The Words Of Wisdom
Quotes are indeed a way to get a quick dose of self-help, re-orientation and sometimes the direction we are looking for. Sometimes they are life changing as they give us the dose of inspiration that changes our direction of life forever and look like the only thing we were ever waiting for.
Sumeet Mahendra understands this power of quotes and compiles The Words Of Wisdom, which is a collection of a hand picked quotes and sayings of the Great Sages of the World. There lies an enormous power in every single word of these quotes, as the mere understanding and application of them can help you in achieving all your personal and professional goals, in no time. The best way to use this...
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21st July 2017
Kiran A David Writes 'Love Is A Decision' To Help Understand 'Love' & Thereby Strengthen Relationships
'Love is a Decision' is designed to help people of all ages understand the beauty of love and relationships. Love is demanding. Love is at times difficult. However, love is worth it. Through 'Love is a Decision', David guides his readers through the complexities of understanding the process of deciding if you are ready to love and more importantly, how to love.
Throw everything you think you know about love out the window. Now run outside, pick it up and throw it out again. You have been brainwashed, bamboozled and bewitched. You thought fictional dystopias like 1984, Fahrenheit 451, Anthem and The Hunger Games were simply metaphorical ideas? Well, there is good news and bad news.The bad news is that you were wrong; we live in a society where love has been...
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20th July 2017
Soulmate by Beenu Venugopal is a page turner story that helps people find Inner Peace
Beenu shares with iU eMagazine’s Authors’ Paradize the reason she wrote the book Soulmate and what inspired her to come up with it . She also shares her advise for upcoming authors and claims JK Rowling to be her inspiration when it comes becoming an author herself.
Soulmate is about “finding your inner peace”. We live in a world which is so mechanical and fast-driven that we don’t spend time on ourselves. We don’t think what “our inner self needs, to be happy and content”. We are so busy living for others, running for others, satisfying the needs of others but never listen to what we actually need. Stress and depression has become so common these days...
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19th July 2017
7 Things I Learnt Becoming An Author at 17
It's close to a year that I first embarked on this journey; a journey that had a completely different thought driving it initially, but later turned out to be what it is. I was not even a major. 17, I was when I sat in front of the laptop one fine day and started belting out words. About eleven months later, I am here sharing thoughts about the wonderful journey I had jumped into. Looking back, for the first time- Yes!; there are so many things I can take as ammunitions for my future endeavours.
Firstly, I believe that everything is a learning curve, and there couldn’t have been a better teacher than this. Generally, people, when on a project, have a mental picture of it. The output and the mental picture need to be in the neighbourhood of each other for the best efficiency. I realised the importance of this, the hard way. So the first takeaway would be, “Maintain a balance between the...
Sathwik R
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28th May 2017
A Villain so Bad that He's Good
A villain is essential to a good story, and in fact drives the story. Without conflict, without something for the hero to solve or deal with, there is no story. Just for purposes of this article, I'm going to talk about a male character, but women also make great villains.
1) Don't have a preconceived notion...
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17th March 2014
10 Reasons Readers Will Close Your Book
1) Nothing happens in the opening pages. I don't care how gorgeous your writing is, no one will keep reading about a bunch of characters that are going nowhere. Ditto for pages filled with pretty scenery. Start out with some interesting action or problem, and...
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29th January 2014
Writer's Quiz
Correct the following 10 sentences -- if they need fixing.
She's a real trooper.
He walked down the road a peace.
Store it in the Chester drawers.
They decided to put in a pitch hitter.
Let it run the gamut.
His name was now mud.
That story was tintillating...
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9th January 2014
Make Sense
Raise your work above the mediocre with the use of all five senses. Drawing on the senses will breathe life into your characters, setting and may even enhance the back story.
She wore a pretty blue dress.
Use the sense of sight: She wore a blue dress, the same one she had on the day we met. The one that matched her eyes, showed her curves...
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20th December 2013
Why isn't your story working?
Long gone are the days when fiction was meant to instruct us. Today, fiction must entertain. If you bore the reader, you lose a fan. Keep losing fans and you will not have a writing career, you will have a hobby. Take a hard look at your WIP (work in progress). Here are four areas where your story might be lagging...
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20th November 2013